My practice-led research seeks to offer new responses to environmental and ecological concerns. This involves working on specific programmes of research that are often founded on scientific data. I collaborate and enter into discussion with scientific institutions and individuals with specialist knowledge of the subject areas, in order to provide informed, yet original and personal, responses to the research – rather than simply attempting to illuminate existing knowledge.The focus of my artistic practice is plant life and through my art works, I seek to create new responses to what is happening to our planet.

The principal concern of my research is to change people’s relationship with what they see, to create art works that encourages the viewer to renegotiate their position in relation to there environment. The visual work produced as a result of my research provides an accessible way in which to engage with the changing ecology of the world, for both myself, as artist, and the viewer; it will encourage audiences to, not only consider, but to monitor and strive to protect, their local and national environment.

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